Berlin Craft Bier Fest 2014

30. May 2014 - 31. May 2014


Craft Bier Fest Berlin

Craft Beer excites us.
But not only us: many other people, too. Beer having character, handcrafted beer, honest beer. Beer from the underground, wicked beer.

The Berlin Craft Beer community is versatile and growing. Meanwhile, there are a lot of Craft Beer breweries with many good beers. There's so much to discover while Berlin is becoming the Craft Beer hotspot of Germany.

The Berlin Craft Bier Fest 2014 presents the Berlin Craft Beer brewers and their beers, – Berlins finest Craft Beer! – for two days. Take the opportunity to get to know them and their fantastic beer all in one location.

The Berlin Craft Bier Fest is professionally advised by the Berlin Beer Academy. Their director Sylvia Kropp, beer sommelier and associate professor, puts the phenomenon „Craft Beer“ in a nutshell:

„Craft Beer ist about brave, intense creations by innovative, independent brewers. Craft brewers stand beside the cauldron themselves and are committed to their beer.

Originally, „Craft“ is a movement from the underground, that turns the world of beer upside down.

It is owed to the courage and passion of those Start Ups, that this common drink finally becomes a well-respected and much appreciated stimulant.

Through this, a completely new beer-culture developed.

The Berlin Craft Bier Fest celebrates the commitment of those newly-brewers and offers the perfect platform to the Craft Beer community of the capital.“

Berlin Craft Bier Fest 2014
Feel free to join the Facebook-event.

- Free entrance
- Berlins finest Craft Beer presented individually by master brewers and brewers
- counters, general program (talks, special tastings, extras and a lot more), night-time live- and partyprogram at the headquarter of the Craft Bier Fest: Badehaus Szimpla
- laid back and relaxed atmosphere
-a nice mixture of the audience: from people in their twenties to middle agers, from the guy next door to the Hipster, from neighbourhood-freak to Yuppie, from local to visitor.
How do we know that? Because that's exactly what it's been like at the Braufest Berlin 2013, at the same place, within the same framework. And that's how we'll have it again.
Also, there's gonna be a Braufest Berlin again. From 11th–13th of September, in the same place, only with many more breweries and an international line-up.


Infos folgen demnächst...


Brauereien & Biere


Infos folgen demnächst...

Schoppe Bräu Logo

Schoppe Bräu (Berlin)
Biere: XPA, Roggen Roll Ale, Holy Shit Alem, Woody Woodpecker, Whisky Barrel aged Ale

Hops & Barley Logo

Hops & Barley (Berlin)
Biere: H&B IPA, H&B Down Under Ale, H&B Cider

Vagabund Brauerei Logo

Vagabund Brauerei (Berlin)
Biere: Imperial India Pale Ale, American Pale Ale, Coffee Stout

Heidenpeters Logo

Heidenpeters (Berlin)
Biere: Thirsty Lady (hell, sanft gehopft), Thirsty Man (rote Färbung, etwas stärker gehopft), Chillied Pale Ale Aprico (mit Chillis gebraut und fermentiert mit Aprikosen)

Bier4Wedding Logo

Beer4Wedding (Berlin)
Biere: Wedding Pale Ale, Wedding & Stronzo Amber Ale (Arbeitstitel - im Zusammenarbeit mit der Dänischen Brauerei Stronzo)