Braufest Berlin 2016

09. September 2016 - 11. September 2016

2016. There is a new age of beer spreading across the old continent, and this year we witness the ancient stronghold of Reinheitsgebot falling down. In the wake of the turmoil, new seedlings are springing up on the fertile soil of new-wave beer sensibility.

London experiences a never-seen before explosion of 60 new microbreweries a year, while the east is ready to jump with its heretic approach to gastronomy and businness.

 In the middle of Europe, Germany – with all its time-honored brewing intelligence – takes its time to learn to dance to the new music, but in the middle of Germany, Berlin is already brewing with the times.

So we decided to gather again at Braufest Berlin and raise our glasses so high so that everybody can see, its not a Helles but something more interesting!


This year, Germany tries to put the 500 years old Reinheitsgebot to a peaceful sleep, but we, at Braufest Berlin were never much excited about anything that limits the creativity of the brewer.

 We are more excited about the future of beer, and how Europe’s coolest capitol, Berlin will find its place in the incresaingly globalized craft-beer scene, that is getting used to bars that sell dozens of new brews every week, typically from small breweries half a continent away.

 We are also excited about the rise of the east – thus we decided to focus our international beer festival on the burgeoining Polish beer-scene, presented to us by Poznan Beer Expo –– the first Polish craft-beer show.